To thrive in these challenging times we need to practice good self-care. Never before have we seen such high levels of stress and despair in society. Technology has turned our lives upside down – It can be an amazing tool but we are struggling to find balance and have allowed it to control us in unimaginable ways.

The expectation that you will be available 24/7 in the workplace, 24/7 for your kid’s school and 24/7 on social media is pushing us to the limit. Access to technology has also allowed us to see through the veil of once trusted institutions. Politicians and corporate greed are proving that we need to question out-dated belief systems, ideologies and the culture of fear we find ourselves in.

Will you be a servant to this fear or do you want to be the Master of your life?

Are you willing to live courageously in every aspect of your life?   My lived experience with Neuroplasticity highlighted the S’s for me …..


  • Knowing who you are
  • Understanding what you value and learning how to create healthy boundaries
  • Learning behaviours that build self-worth
  • Defining life path and purpose for yourself


  • Creating positive coping strategies
  • Learning how to make good decisions and solve problems
  • Creating a balanced life in four key areas – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual (and no this does not mean religion)


  • Learning how to balance intellect with intuition
  • Identifying what you truly love instead of living a life that others want you to lead
  • Identifying and building upon your strengths and matching them with the right opportunity


  • Rewiring your brain from negative to positive – even if negativity has been your default position all your life
  • Learning how to be more open and connected to people
  • Learning how to create opportunities for joy, fun and healthy wellbeing.


You can invest in a package that covers all these areas or you can chose to work on one area. These are big, juicy topics – I ask that you commit to a minimum of 3 sessions.

You don’t need have a clear idea of what you want to explore – I find this becomes clear with my clients with probing questions and a compassionate environment.

Come with an open mind to obtain a balanced brain!