Newcastle Workshops for Men


What’s health got to do with confidence?


With our Men’s workshop series, our team at the Balanced Brain are helping men in Newcastle understand why good mental and physical health is the foundation of confidence and success.

Confidence attracts the right opportunities in work and love. We know that men take pride in their ability to care for their families, friends and workmates. Sometimes this comes at a cost to your health. Many men in Newcastle are employed in busy industries and the daily grind of life can take its toll. This can lead to stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices and you are telling us that you are ready for a change.

Our Men’s workshop has been carefully designed to provide you with the tools to make the first steps towards this change. These tools will support you to lead a healthy and successful life.

Why is this important? Because you are important.

Want tips on staying healthy, building confidence and gaining control of your life?  Click HERE

Our team are helping men with these upcoming events in Newcastle:

Men’s Workshop “Stress less with 3 techniques that work”

Tuesday, 30 April 2019 at 7pm -8pm @ the Delany Hotel

Entry is free.  Book Now  HERE

Men’s Workshop “Stress less with 3 techniques that work”

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 at 7pm -8pm @ the Delany Hotel

Entry is Free.  Book Now  HERE

Men’s workshop – The Main Event – “Taking control of your Life” 

Saturday, 15 June 10am-2pm @ Nobby’s Surf life Saving Club

$195 Book Now  HERE

Helping men to lead happy and healthy lives helps everyone.

Sign up today to build your confidence to create the life you want.