I woke up from a coma when I was 28 years old. I’d been in a car accident and had suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. I was unable to walk or talk. I didn’t know my own mother. My vision was impaired from the accident and I had to surrender my driver’s license.

The accident gave me a chance to build a new life by rewiring my brain, and I made a miracle recovery – within 5 years I had hiked Everest Base camp, graduated with a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and appointed as a board director.

But negative patterns had been established long before my accident.

I joined the military at 17 because I wanted to be part of the boys club. In my young mind, success belonged to men. Membership to the club was through abuse of alcohol but with the stress of remaining fit and healthy – ready for war.

From a young age, tunes had been playing in my head – “I’m not good enough” “I don’t work hard enough” “Nobody wants to have a relationship with me”. Rinse and Repeat.

I couldn’t break these patterns despite bring branded by doctors as a “Neuroplasticity miracle”

11 years after my brain injury, I was hospitalised after a CrossFit competition. I had a condition called Rhabdo, described in medical journal’s as “Exercising yourself to death”.

Something had to give.  

Neuroplasticity is an amazing tool to create habits but it won’t change the gory, important stuff – your beliefs. Beliefs lie under the emotions, feelings and actions that we take in our lives. Beliefs that are “inherited” and started in our childhoods.

So I worked on reprogramming my beliefs to successfully create new patterns and behaviours. I healed myself of an eating disorder, an addiction to perfection and a stifling fear of rejection. 

I speak at Corporate functions, seminars and workshops about the tools I used to overcome significant obstacles and challenges to lead me to a balanced, enjoyable life.